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What financial losses are your businesses incurring because you don't have solid accounting practices in place?

A remote accounting solution could be the answer!
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My Accounting Story

From 1991 until 2008, I worked in the Corporate Accounting world, but after 17 years, I realized that I could create much more value through my work, going out on my own to help small to mid-size businesses build stronger businesses.


Since 2008, I’ve been providing professional accounting & business consulting services to clients, in many different industries & countries. From accounting restatement to monthly accounting services, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. Together we'll customize a plan of action to take your current accounting (or lack thereof), to where it provides the true value that correct accounting gives a business.


Get in touch to learn more about how I can help you create a financial knowledge environment that will open your eyes to the possibilities of what great accounting management, gives a business.

Fractional Accounting Services

Fractional Accounting Services

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James DonFrancesco

CEO, NextGem

I've had the pleasure of working with Ben Mueller as my fractional CFO at NextGem, a startup out of Minnesota, building a social network and marketplace for 40 million trading card enthusiasts and is venture-backed with over $1.9M to date. Ben's professionalism and genuine desire to help in all aspects of our financial budgeting, planning, and modeling, have been tremendously helpful. Ben was able to build out our ProForma, maintain our books, forecast/plan future expenditures, perform tax preparation, and maintain our Quickbooks and stay in sync with our tax and legalteams. Ben also has provided insights on how best to handle various wages and salary planning, insurance cost projections, and kept very accurate financial statements. I would highly recommend Ben for any startup or small business that is looking for a CFO(fractional or full time) who can provide fast and accurate financial guidance, and problemsolving, as well as someone you can rely on due to his honesty and integrity.

Rene Ferreira

Owner Crystal Love Collective

I have been working with Ben Mueller as my Remote CFO from October 2021 to present during which time he has provided a lot of clarity for me as to how to proceed with maximizing the financial wellbeing of my business. I own a small conglomerate of retail stores that needed to be reorganized and restructured and Ben has been very helpful in this transitional time. Ben takes the time to explain any of the details I need to know and follows-up on my requests in a timely manner. He takes his work very seriously and has a knack for finding the financial root cause of any problem. Having him on board has been a worthwhile investment, giving me vision for the future, and easing the burden of executive level decision-making. I strongly recommend Ben for your finance projects as he has certainly helped me posture myself to take on more growth and more challenges. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Allen Pack

CPA Qwest

I am a CPA with 15 years of work experience.  I was a senior manager with one of the big 4 firms and have held the Corporate Controller position at 2 different companies.  I am presently the general accounting manager for Qwest Corporation, an SEC registrant with $10 billion in annual revenues.  
I have known Ben Mueller for the last year and a half, and worked extensively with him for approximately 5 months on the international restatement project.  This project involved retroactively creating five years of auditable financial statements for approximately 20 different international companies.  Prior to Ben's arrival at Qwest, the company had invested significant amount of resources, and had only made almost no progress on the project, until he walked in the door. 
After seeing Ben bring this 2 year project to completion, I would wholeheartedly recommend Ben for an international accounting  role, or for any other accounting role, quite frankly. Ben has the solid technical skills required.  He can organize, document and reconcile anything.  He is tenacious, dedicated, and is easy to get along with. 
If Ben were to leave his current position, it would be a significant loss for Qwest.