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My name is Ben Mueller, welcome to my accounting consulting website and thank you for visiting. 

After graduating with an Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Saint Cloud State University and a minor in Spanish from the University of Costa Rica, I worked in the Corporate Accounting world, but after 17 years, I realized that I could create more value by going out on my own to help small to midsize businesses build stronger cash flow. I did this by showing them exactly how their businesses were performing financially, and what they could do to increase their net take home.


Since 2008, I’ve been providing these professional accounting and business consulting services to clients, in many different industries and countries. From forensic accounting or accounting restatement, to monthly accounting services, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. Together we can customize a plan of action to take your current accounting (or lack thereof), to where it provides the real value that correct accounting gives a business.

Just a bit about me. I grew up in West St. Paul, MN, lived in Denver, CO for 22 years where I met my wife and started a family, and in 2021, we took on an adventure and moved down to a beach town in SW FL where we fell in love with a much more laid back life!  We missed the mountains though and recently moved back to Colorado and will be living a "Snow Bird" lifestyle going forward.

Being a husband and father takes up the majority of my time outside of work, but I am blessed enough to coach football at the local high school in town. Fishing, water sports, pickleball, beach, and mountain time are my other ways to enjoy life!

After 30+ years in accounting, I have learned that what I do for a living, is not who I am. It took me a long time to grasp that, but once I did, I became that much more of a consultant because I had been able to achieve balance in my life by putting family first and allowing my work to become something I really enjoy, instead of a job.


This way of life has not only made me better in the most important areas of my life, but ultimately translates to even more value for my clients.

One last thing, you may be wondering why my business is named "Blue Collar CFO". This is to pay homage to my father who was a true blue collar man. Being a farmer and then as a small engine mechanic, he always rolled up his sleeves and got the job done. As an accountant, I adopted his style...nothing is beneath me and the key to creating quality work is doing what is necessary to ensure the information is correct and useful! 

Get in touch with me to learn more about how I can help you create a financial knowledge environment that will open your eyes to the possibilities of what great accounting management can give to your business.

More about Ben & Blue Collar CFO LLC

Benjamin Mueller M.B.A.

Benjamin Mueller M.B.A.

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