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Blue Collar CFO Accounting Services

Blue Collar CFO has a wide array of affordable accounting services that can offer stability in your business's overall accounting. From fractional Controller and CFO work to fraud investigations, we are able to bring your business back into financial alignment to help you know exactly what is happening with your business.

Let's get this out of the way first. The value of accounting is much more than many business owners realize. Traditional thought is that a business needs accounting simply to be able to file taxes. Yes indeed that is true, but there is much more that a solid accounting department can provide your business.

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Fractional Accounting Services

We run into this issue a lot with our clients, and is wide spread in general, but many small to mid size businesses have accounting records that are disorganized or completely inaccurate. What tends to happen in smaller businesses or start up is that they do not focus (spend the money) on creating accounting systems from the beginning, which can lead to months or years of inaccuracies in their accounting history. This can lead to tax issues and audits, therefore a restatement of the books is generally needed to get the accounting on track.

Restatement simply means that the books are corrected from the onset of the company, or from the time the last correct tax return was filed. This generally is a labor intensive project as the Balance Sheet will need to be reconciled from the start including all cash accounts, securities, credit cards, and loans. This is one of the services that Blue Collar CFO offers as we have focused on this type of service for many years due to the high number of businesses that need it.

Another accounting service that we offer are fraud investigations. Over the years, we have found millions of dollars in fraud activity across our client base. If you suspect that someone is or has stolen money from your company, this may be something that you want to look into. People are sneaky and can create various ways to rip your business off and it takes a skilled Accountant to dig into the details to be able to track the perpetrator's activities down.

Family wealth is another area that Blue Collar CFO targets. Families that have created or acquired financial prosperity generally want to understand how their assets are growing. Many times, they understand the overall value of their wealth, but the detail is missing because they don't have an Accountant managing a set of books that reflects an accurate account of the financial assets and liabilities. If this is the case, they usually do not understand where all their money is going, which an accurate income statement will give them.

The final accounting service that Blue Collar CFO really thrives in is offering small to mid size businesses fractional accounting. The average small business does not have the cash flow to be able to afford a full time CFO that can help lead the financial direction of the business. Instead, they hire a bookkeeper, which is not an Accountant, to run their accounting records. This can lead to a variety of problems because there is no one ensuring the accuracy and analysis of the finances. At Blue Collar CFO, we can set up an accounting system that is affordable for your business because it is done on a fractional basis. For example, many smaller businesses can be fractioned out at 10 hours per month and the value given way outweighs the actual cost to the company.

If you are in need of any of these services, please reach out to our contact page and we can set up an online meeting to discuss how Blue Collar CFO can help your business with its accounting needs!

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