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Solid accounting practices for any sized business can significantly reduce financial losses and are necessary to avoid lost opportunities.

Fractional Accounting is a wise choice for start-up through mid-size businesses and BlueCollarCFO specializes in family businesses.  

Fractional Accounting is an efficient and cost effective solution with a high ROI to take control over your business's finances!

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The concerns and needs of each business are unique and depend on the current state of the business as well as the goals for the business.   Use the buttons below to learn more about each phase, how each phase builds on the previous phase  and what is needed to propel your business and reach your goals.   

Blue Collar CFO has seen it all, from Start-Up Companies to Fortune 500 Corporations.  See what Blue Collar CFO can do for you.
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Fractional Accounting Services

Fractional Accounting Services

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I've had the pleasure of working with Ben Mueller as my fractional CFO at NextGem, a startup out of Minnesota, building a social network and marketplace for 40 million trading card enthusiasts and is venture-backed with over $1.9M to date.
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I have been working with Ben Mueller as my Remote CFO from October 2021 to present during which time he has provided a lot of clarity for me as to how to proceed with maximizing the financial wellbeing of my business. 
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I have known Ben Mueller for the last year and a half, and worked extensively with him for approximately 5 months on the international restatement project.  This project involved retroactively creating five years of auditable financial statements for approximately 20 different international companies.  
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James DonFrancesco

CEO, NextGem

Rene Ferreira

Owner Crystal Love Collective

Allen Pack

CPA Qwest

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